In the distant future, Earth is dying. The planet is an overpopulated pit of despair. Humans dwell underground, but the crust is quickly disintegrating, killing millions. The rest have no escape.

Nick Venture, a strapping mechanic with a secret heritage, faces an unjust death sentence. Desperate to avoid this fate, he accepts an offer from a rogue scientist to claim a newly-discovered planet in exchange for his freedom. To his surprise, Nick discovers he is the last living descendant of Christopher Columbus. Joined by a ragtag group of ex-military soldiers, he embarks on a mission to save humanity. This journey places him on a collision course with Raquel Donovan, the deadliest pirate in the galaxy. The sexy, patch-eyed captain of the Deathraven is on a mission of her own—one of vengeance. The last man she expected to encounter was the devastatingly handsome Nick Venture.

But his ships are a bounty beyond her wildest dreams. After she enslaves Nick and his crew during a hijack, the two adversaries find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another. But Nick is far more than he seems. When he traps Raquel with a clever ruse, she has no choice but to join the mission as his protector. As the journey continues, their attraction ignites like a raging solar storm. Raquel is a mystery Nick is determined to unravel. But her secret agenda, as well as their lust soaked encounters, threaten to derail both of their missions even as humanity’s time runs out….

I’m not sure if I was simply not in the mood for sci-fi erotica, or if there was actually something about the writing, but this book simply didn’t do it for me. There was an enormous amount of very steamy sexuality, which I admit is great, but it almost got to the point at times that I wanted to skim until they were done fantasizing in great detail about boffing each other.

What worked for me:

  • I liked the basic premise, about Earth dying and needing to find a replacement planet to colonize, as well as the corrupt military and governments.
  • I loved that even though Raquel was gorgeous, she was also missing an eye. I do adore physical imperfections in my heroes and heroines
  • I really enjoyed the revenge plot, as well as Raquel’s back-story
  • I loved that Ms. Massey wasn’t afraid to kill of major characters. This added quite a bit of suspense to the story, because nobody was really “safe”.
  • This story was HOT! As in, borderline erotica hot..  There wasn’t a lot of actual sex, but it seemed like every time you turned around, someone was having a very vivid, very explicit fantasy about someone else.

What didn’t work for me:

  • I found it highly implausible that Nick, a recently unemployed and now incarcerated engineer and day laborer, would be drafted to head an expedition as important as this one simply because he’s very distantly related to Christopher Columbus.
  • There were many strange point of view changes which made the story a bit hard to follow, though that could be an issue with formatting rather than actual writing.
  • I really felt that Nick’s feelings for Raquel developed much too quickly. He went from constantly fantasizing about her to Oh Wow I Love You at the drop of a hat, and I just wasn’t buying it.
  • The very end was just terrible. It felt like Ms. Massey had reached her word count and had to wrap everything up rightthisverysecond. I won’t give any specifics because it would be a major spoiler, but I was highly disappointed.


Raquel kept throwing off such mixed signals that poor Nick was practically running in circles for most of the book, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the corrupt military, I have to say that the “phanotom planet” could’ve been written out entirely and we wouldn’t have missed a single thing.

Someone who is more interested in the erotica portions than the storyline might rate it quite a bit higher, but I’m going to have to say 2/5 Stars for me.