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Expected Release Date: July 15, 2009 (Available Now!)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Imprint: N/A
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Part of a Series: Yes, Orion, Book 1
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Scorching

Official Blurb:

Half -man, half-beast, untamable…except by the one woman born for him.

The Orion series

As a novice interpreter aboard the space ship Orion, Calla Fellura is in uncharted territory. Especially when it comes to figuring out how to approach the ship’s sexy navigator, who seems to have no shortage of willing women vying for his attention.

Tryon Jag is an alpha male tyger, one of the few who possess the instincts to guide a ship safely through the deadly Cattarus system. Handsome, wealthy, and of royal blood, Jag controls his universe—and most of the females in it—as easily as he navigates the Orion.

But when Jag unexpectedly undergoes his mating shift on board ship instead of safely on his home planet, he must have a woman or go mad with rage and lust. With an eco-saboteur somewhere aboard, there couldn’t be a worse time for him to lose his mind.

For the sake of duty, Calla forces herself into Jag’s lair. And finds herself blossoming into a true Tyger lily, a woman born to enchant a powerful beast.

The only woman who can save Jag—and the entire crew—from certain annihilation.

Tryon Jag is an alpha-male Tyger — a man whose powerful instincts allow him to be one of the few people who can successfully guide ships through the deadly Cattarus system.   When a shift in planetary alignment forces him into his yearly mating shift on the Orion instead of his home planet, the captain must take a volunteer among a select group of females — young, clean, and unmarked by the scent of multiple males — to submit to Tryon’s fierce mating and bring him back from the edge of insanity in time to steer the ship clear of a deadly asteroid field.

Calla Fellura is a tyger female who, while not a virgin, has never experienced the powerful sensuality of a shifted male. Knowing that her choices are limited, and unable to deny a fierce attraction to Jag that she’s felt since first arriving on the Orion, Calla volunteers to be his shift-mate. Realizing that a male of Jag’s pedigree would never choose her as a life-mate, she vows to keep her heart unattached, but when faced Jag’s sensuality and unexpected tenderness, she fears she may be very well on her way to being in love with the powerful male.

Just when it appears that things are back under control, a violent group of eco-terrorists attack the Orion, destroying their navigation system. Forced to rely on only his instincts, can Jag pilot them all to safety, or will the Orion, and everyone on it, be eliminated?

What Worked For Me:

  • I really enjoyed the mythology of a yearly “shift” when the tygers pretty much go into heat.  I also enjoyed the way they shifted — instead of a “full” shift into an animal form, instead they took on characteristics of their feline counterparts such as fangs, more feline bone structure, and short fur covering their entire bodies.
  • I enjoyed the angst caused by the blockhead alpha male trying to keep Calla as a mistress, rather than realizing that she is deserving of being his mate.  Even more than that though, was just how miserable Jag was afterwards, and the enlightening conversation with his parents.
  • The sensuality rating was quite high, and while some of the factors were not to my personal taste, I have to say that there were definitely some scorching moments that were greatly appreciated.

What Didn’t Work For Me:

  • While the secondary storyline of the eco-terrorists had great potential, it seemed more like an afterthought and didn’t really amount to much.
  • As always, I cringe when the heroine is seen naked without her prior consent. While I understand that this is a common thing in erotica, it’s a definite case of YKINMK(BYKIOK), and so having the crew able to view Calla naked and in a compromising position on multiple occasions, having the eco-terrorists watch her and Jag make love, having a bad guy walk in on her while she’s sleeping naked, and even having Jag refuse to let her keep her breasts covered for her own personal sense of modesty, all were a turn-off for me.
  • The Cheese. Oh Dear Space Ghost, the cheese! Between Jag’s pet name for Calla and the multiple feline names for everything else (Cattarus, Tyger, Tyger-Lily, etc.), I found myself rolling my eyes almost constantly.  The sex-scenes in general were quite hot, but all of those cheesy names pulled me out of the action so quickly that I found myself skimming at times, which is pretty bad when the story is only a novella to begin with.  And a mating collar.  We get that they’re cat people. Enough already.

Overall, it was a very fast, very hot little read.   The basic plot line of a male driven insane by a yearly mating shift, and a vulnerable female volunteering to help him regain control is delicious, but the subplot of the eco-terrorists was poorly done in my opinion. The overuse of feline references (no that’s not a euphemism either) also pulled down my enjoyment level, and when one of my big pet peeves (forced nudity) was brought into the mix, I had no choice but to greatly drop my rating.

Recommended for fans of forced exhibitionism, of intense sexuality driven by instinct, and by arrogant males completely blindsided by a minuscule female.  2.5/5