Expected Release Date: April 26, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Carina Press
Author’s Website: http://nataliedamschroder.com/
My Source for This Book: Netgalley
Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Steamy

Official Blurb:

When security expert Jason Templeton’s team is ambushed while protecting a weapons manufacturer vital to U.S. interests, he risks his life to save the man’s daughter…and loses. Unbeknownst to Jason, his mentor had been funding experimental medical procedures after losing his young wife. Using the untested drugs, Jason is brought back to life, stronger and faster than before, but also vulnerable in new ways. He’s determined to find the traitor in their midst, who is after the miracle drug.

That means protecting the brilliant scientist Lark Madrassa. Their attraction and compatibility are undeniable, but Jason tries to deny his growing feelings for her, thinking he is too damaged. When Lark’s father is kidnapped they have to rely on each other in a dangerous plot to uncover the double agent. Before, Jason always accepted the risks-but what about when the life of the woman he loves is on the line?

What Worked For Me:

  • I loved the forbidden feeling to the romance between Lark and Jason.  While I was thankful that their age difference wasn’t huge due to the fact that Jason was so much younger than Lark’s father, it was still pretty hot to watch them fight their growing attraction.
  • I love a good secondary romance, and I was thrilled to see two characters get a hook up.  While I was a bit disappointed that the steamy side of their relationship wasn’t explored “on camera” so to speak, it was still a satisfying conclusion for both of them.
  • I loved the twists.  Never knowing exactly who could be trusted was wonderful and there was one part where I literally sat straight up in disbelief.
  • Can I just say how much I loved Matt?  I’ll be honest, I think at times he was actually sexier than Jason. *fans self*  There’s just something about a ruthlessly capable man who’s remained loyal to the memory of his deceased wife for so long.  Rawr!
  • I really enjoyed the almost paranormal feel to Jason after his recovery.

What Didn’t Work For Me:

  • You ruptured internal organs and broke almost every bone in your body… But not your spine? Or your neck? Or bled to death before making it to the operating room?  I found it pretty hard to suspend my disbelief on that point, and as such it took me a bit of time to warm up to the basic premise, despite my enjoyment of the characters.
  • While the switching of the Point of View helped to add to the suspense aspect, I found it a bit frustrating and disorienting at times.
  • I also was a bit put off by the very obvious foreshadowing at one point. I can’t really explain without giving away a major spoiler, but you’ll probably recognize it when you see it.

With a bit of a “6-Million Dollar Man” vibe to the blurb, I was pretty excited about this book. Once it became clear that Jason’s incredible enhancements came with some pretty serious vulnerabilities, I admit that I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. After all, who wants a big strong hero who could suddenly spike a fever, or who has to be extremely careful about certain activities?

It turns out I was worried for nothing, however, because Jason’s limitations added a much-needed extra dimension to the story, and integrated perfectly with the plot.  While I was a bit annoyed at some of the very obvious foreshadowing, but the level of action and even the wonderful (but sadly, non-steamy) secondary romance more than made up for it.

The switching Points of View were a little distracting at times, and more than one character was apparently susceptible to what I like to call Too Stupid To Live Moments.  That said, the action was incredible, the medical science was fun, and the forbidden romance was absolutely delicious.

A very solid 4/5 Stars.