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Elizabeth is a brilliant loner with a troubling secret she doesn’t even know. As if the trauma of her mother being abducted before her eyes as a young girl wasn’t enough, the small town she lives in thinks she’s crazy. That all changed when she met Michael, a mysterious and handsome man who identified with her like no one else before. Michael’s long time friend Vincent visits and drops the bombshell of a lifetime on Elizabeth and her world becomes completely unraveled.

Vincent’s information has revealed the world for what it is; a place where the impossible is real, and myths and legends walk slyly in shadow. A world that Elizabeth will learn she too is a member. Now, the three are caught up in a thousand year long conspiracy they never could have imagined. The three must rely on one another and the secret connection they all share if they have a chance to survive.


“Why is Vincent’s appearance such a big deal? Is he a threat to you? Could he really kill you if he wanted to?”

     “I don’t know,” Michael admits without hesitation and with a hint of fear. “As I said, he is extremely long-lived. He’s gained powers beyond what almost any super can even imagine. By birth, those of the tribe—that’s what werewolves refer to each other as—we are created stronger. We’re more powerful than the vast majority of what we have to face. But sometimes, things like Vincenzo happen, and they slip through the cracks. For whatever reason however, Vincenzo chose to spare my life, one day…very long ago.”

About the Author

O.L. Ramos was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban immigrant parents. From a very young age he found himself drawn to books and telling stories to anyone who would hear it. His job titles have been so diverse, from being a sales manager to a retail giant to even being a deputy sheriff, but his love of the written word never left. After a work related injury as a deputy sheriff forced him to tone down his workload, he was able to use that as an excuse to finally dedicate his sole focus to writing. You can find him on the web on his  FACEBOOK PAGE.

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