~ Gilly Fraser

Okay – so is there anything in the world nicer than sitting down to read a spicy, toe-curlingly erotic book (apart from actually taking part in a spicy, toe-curling erotic session of your own that is…)? Well – instead of reading about all the action – how about having it read to you?

Picture the scene – there you are in your cosy little lovenest, all set and prepared to be whisked away into a world of lovemaking, lush and licentious. But instead of letting your eyes do all the hard work of reading – you let your ears have some fun instead.

Audiobooks are reckoned to be the next big thing for those who love a good story. You can listen to them anywhere – in the house, on the train, on the beach, in the car. Listening to a particularly hot story in a crowded place might just up the ante on the thrill level too.

I really wanted to record my own books and given that I was a TV journalist for many years, I reckoned I had the voice and the reading skills to do it. What I hadn’t considered however – was the giggle factor. I discovered that I can write about sex to my heart’s content, but saying the word nipples out loud made me dissolve into laughter. Childish huh? You bet. But fortunately for me I found the perfect answer.

My friend Kim is also a broadcaster, so has all the requisite skills – and she sounds great.  Happily, she’s much more mature than me when it comes to nipples and the like – so she became my voice of choice for my collection of short romantic stories ‘Forbidden Love.’

Hearing the words I wrote spoken aloud gives them a whole new dimension somehow. It also creates a whole new range of images and pictures in my head – mindblowing stuff!

So – why not lay your book aside for a little while and try listening instead. It could open up a whole new world for you – it did for me!

About the Author

I’m Scottish but live in the north of England (Cumbria). I now work freelance on a variety of media-related things, but I used to be a full-time journalist, and spent most of my career with ITV Border (television).
I had nine books published by Mills and Boon under the pen-name of Rachel Elliot and I have managed to get my rights back for those books with the intention of republishing at some stage. Now however I’m self-publishing under my own name of Gilly Fraser.

Forbidden Love is the first book and it’s available on Amazon and Smashwords. I have another book ready to upload – which is called The Best Afternoon Ever – and other stories. It’s also short romantic stories but with no spice factor at all. I tell people they could read the stories in iBest Afternoon Ever to their Grandmother – or Granddaughter – without blushing!

I’m currently working on two other books – one is a full-length novel and I’m not sure how to classify it really. It’s a little bit darker than my normal stories, and not a romance. The other is a memoir of my time at Border TV which will be full of stories, anecdotes etc.

I’m married and have grown-up stepchildren but no kids of my own – but I have animals galore – dogs, cats and horses and they’re the centre of my world.


Forbidden Love And Other Stories


Forbidden Love: Rock Star Jake Lee is drawn back to his roots and the girl who first inspired him. But is it too late? 

Slippery When Wet: When the man of her fantasy suddenly appears is it a dream come true or a nightmare for Maxine? 

The Great Pretender: A tale of love and retribution played out through the ages.

Melissa and the Cowboy: Lust can happen along at the most inappropriate moment…

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