A Day In The Life Of Cathryn Fox

~Cathryn Fox

I get this question a lot:  What is your typical day like? It must be so glamorous to be a writer.

Well of course it is!  And I’d be happy to tell you all just how glamour it really is.

First I wake at my leisure, and while I lounge in my heart shaped bed, fitted with the finest Egyptian cotton, I’m brought a delicious breakfast prepared by my personal chef, Jacque who just happens to resemble Brad Pitt.  As I eat the delicious, high fat foods, yet never gain a pound, my staff run my bath and lay out my clothes.  Once dressed, I’m whisked off to my office, which overlooks the beautiful cerulean waters of Mediterranean Sea.  I sit in my plush chair, my feather boa around my neck and the words flow endlessly as I sip my morning Mimosa…err….NOT.

But hey, a girl can dream.

Seriously though…well, I live in Nova Scotia and while we supposedly have four seasons we really have two: cold, and it will be cold soon.  So after I climb from bed at the crack of dawn, I put on my warm wool slipper and make my way to the kitchen.  I let out the dog while I stand over the coffee pot cursing the damn thing for taking so long.  That first cup of coffee goes down fast while I do an email check, play a little on facebook and twitter, then do a few more email checks.  Once my brain is semi functioning, (that’s as good as it gets) I push my bed head hair off my face and read what I wrote the previous day.

With my characters fresh, I grab something to eat, and have a quick shower.  Now this could be one hour later or three.  Or six.

I spend the rest of the day at the desk. But wait, it’s not all work and no play for this gal.  No siree bob.  Sometimes, between sentences, I get to unload the dishwasher or put a load of laundry on.  I told you, glamorous! I work until mid afternoon, then I start to think about dinner.  I have two teenagers, a husband, and a dog, and if I want peace and quiet to work, I know I have to feed them, otherwise they’d all take up post in my doorway and glare at me. (I actually enjoy cooking for my family, and my kids are away during the university months, so we love to have family dinners and catch up).

After dinner, I usually walk for an hour with my sister.  This is therapy time. Seriously.  Walking and talking is good for my body and soul.  After our walk I come home, and spend the rest of the night with my hubby.  We love to watch movies, so you can usually find us snuggled in for a big action flick.

So there you have it, the glamour life of Cathryn Fox.

What’s your typical day like?  

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