Expected Release Date: May 2, 2013
Publisher: Kensington Books
Imprint: eKensington
Author’s Website:
My Source for This Book: Netgalley
Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Hot
Pet Peeves: Talk Too Much
Favorite Tropes: Animalistic Lover

Official Blurb:

This can’t be happening to her. A random break down…an isolated mountain road, a seemingly chance meeting with a hotter-than-hot stranger. Tatyana is a modern gal who can handle any crisis, but before she knows what’s hit her, she’s sensing a hideous threat, not to her but to this man who draws her like a moth to flame. Hunter.

“I know things…I saw it.”

When the attack comes, she is his protection from a diabolical enemy, even as he initiates her into a startling world of magic, sorcery and sensuality. For in a moment of terrifying danger a spark has been struck, and neither can escape the erotic fire to come…

What Worked For Me:

  • I do so love primal lovers, and the almost fated-to-be-mated feel of this story was delicious.  Almost falling into the realm of romantica at times, I adored the chemistry and heat.
  • There was plenty of action of the fighting kind, which kept the pacing just fast enough without rushing things.
  • I also loved the concept of latent witches and of the psychic connection between witches and their familiars.
  • loved the betrayal by a main character of the story.  The betrayal itself added plenty of action, but the chill that came from the circumstances surrounding it was what really appealed to me.

What Didn’t Work For Me:

  • There was so much talking I wanted to scream. Even the sexytimes were often interrupted with conversation that just went on and on and on, which really pulled down my enjoyment of this tale. It got to the point several times where I was tempted to commit that one heinous book sin: skimming. *shudders*
  • Though I couldn’t find any evidence of it being so, this book read as though it was book two or three of a series, and that was very distracting.

I’m a huge fan of primal attraction, especially in paranormal romances, and on that note, the author certainly delivered. The psychic connection between Hunter and Tatyana added such a powerful amplifier to their already intense attraction, and the sexual tension was delicious.

Unfortunately, for me, it seemed that the tension and chemistry between them was too often broken up by long conversations at some of the strangest times.

The biggest downside of this book for me, though, wasn’t actually the cumbersome conversations that punctuated the love scenes, but was actually the feeling that this was the second book in an already established series, and yet I couldn’t find any evidence of it actually being part of a series.   Tatyana’s brother, his relationship with the coven, and even Hunter’s own initial estrangement, all felt as though there was some “longer story” in the past that I’d missed out on, and it was incredibly distracting.

In the end, even with the lovely level of Unresolved Sexual Tension that I so adored, this one was rather middle-of-the-road for me, with the negatives really pulling down my final rating.

03stars3/5 Stars