The Marshal's Ready-Made Family


A Marriage of Necessity

Gentlemen don’t court feisty straight shooters like JoBeth McCoy. Just as she’s resigned to a lifetime alone, a misunderstanding forces the spunky telegraph operator into a marriage of convenience. Wedding the town’s handsome new marshal offers JoBeth a chance at motherhood, caring for the orphaned little girl she’s come to love.

Garrett Cain will lose guardianship of his niece, Cora, if he stays single, but he knows no woman could accept the secrets he’s hidden about his past. The lawman can’t jeopardize Cora’s future by admitting the truth. Yet when unexpected danger in the small town threatens to expose Garrett’s long-buried secret, only a leap of faith can turn a makeshift union into a real family.

A somewhat plain, tom-boyish heroine? A sexy lawman with a tortured past? A marriage of convenience? Why yes, I think I shall.

I should probably start off with mentioning that I don’t often read Inspirational romance. I tend to prefer my love stories with a bit more, ah… heat

That said, even when there is no actual lovemaking between husband and wife, there can still be a great deal of attraction and chemistry, as evidenced by this story.   The marriage of convenience that Jo and Garrett entered into felt logical rather than contrived, and though it was a slow burn, there was definitely chemistry between them.

I really enjoyed the angst and heartache that came from Jo’s “tomboy” status, and the way she’s used to being treated as less than a woman by the rest of the town.  Garrett’s tortured past added just the right amount of tension to the story, and though I’m not a huge fan of children in romance, Cora was charming and didn’t really take away from the romance.

I also enjoyed the way that the faith elements were blended into the story, and rather than standing out as though they were shoehorned in at the last minute, instead were believable and meaningful.

04stars4/5 Stars