Her Christmas Earl


Expected Release Date: October 21, 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Imprint: N/A
Author’s Website: http://www.annacampbell.info/
My Source for This Book: Amazon Purchase
Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Steamy
Pet Peeves: None
Favorite Tropes: Marriage to Avoid Scandal, Reformed Rake

Official Blurb:

No good deed goes unpunished…

To save her hen-witted sister from scandal, Philippa Sanders ventures into a rake’s bedroom—and into his power. Now her reputation hangs by a thread and only a hurried marriage can rescue her. Is the Earl of Erskine the heartless libertine the world believes? Or will Philippa discover unexpected honor in a man notorious for his wild ways?

Blair Hume, the dissolute Earl of Erskine, has had his eye on the intriguing Miss Sanders since he arrived at this deadly dull house party. Now a reckless act delivers this beguiling woman into his hands as a delightful Christmas gift. Is fate offering him a fleeting Yuletide diversion? Or will this Christmas Eve encounter spark a passion that lasts a lifetime?

When Philippa breaks into Blair’s room in search of letters that her sister wrote to the notorious rake, he decides it’s time to teach her a lesson — one that lands them both into hot water.

There’s not much that I enjoy more in romance than the old “reformed rake” trope, and Blair was delicious. Add to that the marriage-to-avoid scandal, and this one had me hooked from the start.

Nicely steamy, with just enough angst to make things interesting, the only thing this novella really lacked was a true feeling of “Christmas” — it was set during Christmas time, but lacked the traditional story elements such as decorating, gifts, and other entertainments that usually go along with “holiday” novellas.  Even so, this actually worked well for me, since I read this in January instead of at Christmas — the “winter” feel of the story goes quite well with the chilly weather we’ve been having lately, and I was able to focus more on the actual romance than paying attention to the fact that it was technically set around the holidays.

While I found myself constantly annoyed by Philippa’s sister, and one particular scene involving her was a bit overwrought, I loved the angst that was caused by Philippa’s feelings that she would never compare or live up to her beautiful sister — a feeling that was only exacerbated by her scheming mother.

Another thing to mention is the epilogue. I love a good epilogue, and this one was absolutely perfect.  Romantic and sexy, and exactly the closing this story needed.

Recommended for fans of reformed rakes, plain heroines, and a touch of scandal, all wrapped up in a sexy bow.

04starsA very solid 4/5 Stars