Edged Blade


{This review may contain unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk}

Expected Release Date: February 3, 2015
Publisher: Shiloh Walker, Inc
Imprint: N/A
Author’s Website: http://jcdanielsblog.com/
My Source for This Book: Netgalley
Part of a Series: Yes, Book 4, Colbana Files
Series Best Read In Order: Yes
Steam Level: Steamy
Pet Peeves: Love Triangle (if you squint and tilt your head a bit), Keeping Secrets (Again), Cliffhanger Ending

Official Blurb:

In the year since her life was torn apart, Kit Colbana has slowly rebuilt herself. There’s a promise of hope in the relationship with the alpha of the local shapeshifters and she no longer comes screaming into wakefulness. Life’s not perfect but then again, when was it ever?

When her best friend Justin comes to her for help, there’s little question as to what her answer will be. Witches are disappearing and Justin won’t rest until he has answers. Soon, they learn that it’s not just witches who’ve gone missing, but vampires and shifters, too.

Unlikely alliances are forged as Kit and Justin found themselves drawn into a twisted web of lies and betrayal. As the clock counts down and the culprit behind recent disappearances is revealed, those Kit loves the most become the target of somebody who will kill to protect an ugly secret.

Lawd have mercy, I love this series so much. I’ve tried to make this review as spoiler-free as possible, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so please forgive me if this is shorter than usual.

Even though Kit is far from “over” her experience from a previous book that left her damaged, she’s made long strides in her recovery, and we finally get some progression with her relationship with Damon. And by progression, I of course mean that those of us on Team Damon will be cheering loudly by some of the things that happen.

I also loved Justin, though admittedly his sense of timing could be better in regards to some things, and I sincerely hope that he gets his own spin-off series some day. Our favorite Bad Boy Warrior Witch holds nothing back in this installment, and really took this as his time to shine.

Fans of the series are going to be thrilled with the progress that Kit has made, both on a personal level and in her relationships, and hallelujah there is finally steam in the series again. There’s also the trademark action that we’ve come to expect from this author, and some truly beautiful twists in the plot that left me reeling.

The ending, oh, the ending. There’s a major revelation at the end of the book, leaving it in somewhat of a cliffhanger, and as if I weren’t already anxious for the next book, I’m now dying to see where the author is going with this.

As a side note, though, am I the only one hoping that we get a side story, perhaps a novella, that focuses on Chang? Pretty please? *dreamy sigh*

In the end though, this book was (thankfully) exactly what I expected — an amazing entry into one of my favorite series, and one that left me whining when I turned the final page simply because I wasn’t yet ready for it to end.

4half4.5/5 Stars