Goddess Born


Expected Release Date: May 19, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Carina Press
Author’s Website: http://www.kariedgren.com/
My Source for This Book: Netgalley
Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Chaste
Official Blurb:

Pennsylvania, 1730

Selah Kilbrid keeps a dangerous secret: she has the power to heal.

A direct descendent of the Celtic goddess Brigid, it’s Selah’s sacred duty to help those in need. But as the last of the Goddess Born living in the New World, she learned from an early age to keep her supernatural abilities hidden. The Quaker community of Hopewell has always been welcoming, but there’s no doubt they would see her hanged if her gift was revealed.

When a prominent minister threatens to try her with witchcraft unless she becomes his wife, Selah has only one hope–that her betrothed, a distant cousin from Ireland, arrives as planned. Marrying Samuel would keep her secret safe, preserve her sacred bloodline, and protect her from being charged as a witch.

But when news of Samuel’s death reaches the Colonies, Selah is truly on her own. Terrified, she faces an impossible choice–forfeit her powers and marry the loathsome Nathan? Or find an imposter to pose as her husband and preserve her birthright?


I loved the idea that Selah was unable to deny healing to anyone who asked, even if it was to her own detriment.  Combine that with the fact that she had to keep her powers a secret out of necessity, and that made for some very interesting situations.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the tangled web that Selah wove when she first thought up the deception of having Henry pose as Samuel.  Henry wasn’t some pushover, and he wasn’t always on board with keeping up the pretense of being someone that he wasn’t.

When I started this story, though, I didn’t realize that this was a “sweet” or New Adult romance, and I admit, I was a bit disappointed that the strong chemistry between Selah and her new husband was never actually consummated.  I was also very disappointed that while we got hints as to Selah and Henry’s future in England, we never really got a full-on Happily Ever After for them. I’m not sure as to whether this is because the story was intentionally left open for a sequel, or if the author felt that the ending was sufficient, but either way, it left the ending far to vague for my tastes.

Despite these things, I still enjoyed this story, though the open-ended way that it closed did bring down my enjoyment as I turned to the last page.

In the end though, this was an entertaining way to pass an evening, and recommended for fans of magic, false marriage, and good chemistry.

4/5 Stars